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Prosthetic Heroes - 1k, G, -Bucky being really self-conscious about his arm until one day a little boy with an artificial leg runs up to him saying that they match.

This City Bleeds its Aching Heart - 34k, E,- The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighborhood.

It's a Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes - 2k, M, - "Eyes on the prize, Widow: we're getting Captain America and Bucky laid, with each other. That's the op. Got it?"

One More Night - 1k, G,- Steve and Bucky have been fighting more nights than not since they moved in together after Bucky gets his memories back. One fight gets particularly bad and Bucky storms out, forcing him to really think about why he's been acting the way he has, and what he's going to do about it to avoid losing Steve.

The Bet - 800, M,- Really, it’s offensive. They shouldn't be betting on whether or not Steve’s a virgin, after all. They’re eighty years off, too, which is just rude.

When I Am Done (Bury Me In The Sea) - 1k, T,- He tastes of regret.

Like An Avalanche - 3k, NR, - Bucky shrugs, clears his throat, and says,"Saw Fantasia with Steve when it came out, and that one with the puppet — Pinocchio, or whatever. Took a girl to Snow White for a date. Never really— never got a chance to see the others."

But Hey, You're All Right - 5k, T, UA - 'This is not my fault,' Tony lies. 'It was supposed to be a joke! Christ.' 'Thanks to your joke,' says Coulson, 'we now have a code three-four-delta, with the variable being a Russian immigrant. We're checking his background right now, but it might take a while. Meanwhile, I suggest you civilian-proof the Tower. If any SHIELD intelligence is compromised, I will hurt you.'

I Came Out of The Woods Alone - 1k, NR, - Steve reaches out and covers Bucky's hands with his own. Bucky twists his hand under Steve's locking their fingers together. They're both resolutely not looking at each other but they have that one single point of connection. "Peggy found me afterwards. Told me to suck it up."

Noise - 1k, M, PWP, - Steve just wants Bucky to let it all out.

Like A Robot From Nineteen-Eighty-Four - 2k, T - "Everyone is conspiring against me,"Steve laments, and Bucky pats his cheek. "Poor baby," he mocks. "Do you need me to protect you from the mean people on the internet?" Steve sniffs self-righteously. "Yes."

And It Starts Just Where The Light Exists - 3k, M -  In which Bucky can't admit the things he needs, but Steve knows them anyway, and Steve and Bucky are definitely a couple, even if they don't know it. "Steve, you don't gotta—" Bucky tries to say, when he's ten days out of SHIELD custody, and the dark circles under his eyes make it look like he hasn't slept since he was last sedated. It's probably close to the truth.

Brevity is The Soul Of Lingerie - 4k, E - Unrepentantly silly, fluffy porn involving lingerie, important questions about ducks, underpaid evil minions and boring meetings.

My Love, He Laughs Like Flowers - 5k, T -"Wilson," Tony says, staring straight at Sam,"since you were the one starting it, can you please explain me how did you manage to turn Rogers and Barnes into a seventies fashion statement? Fuck, it seems like this room's becoming a fucking hippie commune." Or: where Sam hadn't thought that buying Steve a flower crown would have escalated into what Tony dubs the great flower crown stint during which my tower turned into a hippie commune, Steve finds creative ways to confess his feelings and Bucky is entirely too happy to be at the receiving end of it. Also, Clint is regretting that he doesn't have SHIELD insurance anymore - his teeth might start to rot at some point soon.

Reaching Out - 1k, T, WIP - Tony froze, his head slowly lifting. "When you say 'sweetheart,'" he said carefully. "You mean old person for 'boyfriend,' right?" When Bucky's arm goes on the fritz, he and Steve ask Tony for help. Things … don't go exactly as planned. ***Sequel to "Home Is Where You Are," but can be read without it***

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On - 8k, E - Steve and Bucky are the dream couple, high school sweethearts who went to college together and now years later are still ridiculously in love with each other. Unfortunately, 'dream' is probably the operative word.

You've Got The Love To See Me Through - 1k, T - Bucky (and Steve, because, well, he's never been good at saying 'no'to Bucky) steal Lola to go joy-riding. (That's Bucky's story and he's sticking to it.)

Wanna Take You Home And Show You I'm The Best - 13k, M -"That big enough for you?" is all Steve can say. It's thick around and red at the top, then white and blue. Bucky's eyes go to his, warm and teasing. "Think I can handle it."

Sometimes Everything Is Touch And Go - 14k, E - Bucky and Steve's mission is to infiltrate a suburban neighborhood as a married couple. In theory, it should be difficult, but it also kind of isn't.

Slowly But Surely - 3k, E - Steve's asthma makes embracing intimacy between him and Bucky difficult in the small apartment they share in a Brooklyn that's crumbling and cold around them, but that doesn't stop them both from trying. It's the little comforts that make surviving the times so much more bearable, knowing that they have each other.

There Where Nothing Becomes Something - 1k, M -  Bucky's skin is warm from the early morning sun and Bucky is warm and warmth has always meant life to Steve so he holds on tighter. Bucky's real hand comes up and loosely holds Steve’s arms but doesn't try to remove them. They stand and watch as the sun comes up higher and the city shines in a way it never used to. "It's bigger now,"Bucky says. "Still New York.""Maybe that's the problem." Barely more than a whisper and Steve isn't sure he's meant to hear.

Containment - 2k, G - Bucky's first impression on Steve is garbage. 

Takes Two To Tango - 2k, G -  "So you're sayin' I look like a dame."Steve says flatly. "No no no, not a bit. I'm just sayin' it sure don't make sense for me to dress up like a bird." "Why, because people would never believe I could get a good lookin' lady like you?" Steve snarks back. It's hilarious and they both know it; Bucky's jaw is much too cut to even attempt to pass for anything other than a full grown man's. "Aw Steve, I know you're the prettier one between the two of us… I could never pass for a looker… I look like any mean old lug from down in the docks," Bucky says. But this time the smile he throws in Steve's direction is genuine, missing the telltale smirk that rides on the corners of his lips so easily. Or, the one where Steve dresses like a dame so Bucky can take him dancing.

Dicks and Doodles - 1k, T-"What is that?" Steve raises his eyebrows in question, still scratching his belly, and absently pushing his stupid indie glasses up the bridge of his nose. His hair is adorably mussed and Bucky does not notice. "It's a dick on my forehead, Bucky. Every Saturday, I swear –"

Once you've Fallen From Classical Virtue  - 4k, M - And, yes, there, leaning against the kitchen table, cradling a mug of coffee between two massive hands, is his blonde mystery man. "I know this is going to sound strange," he says, immediately. "But I don't suppose you know who I am?" The blonde man blinks and the corners of his mouth turn down. "Damn. I was hoping you could tell me who I am."

So It Goes - 3k, T - The thing is, Bucky does want out. He wants out and he wants to take Steve with him when he goes.

Through The Shine Of The Sun - 1k, T - Steve goes on a mission. Bucky waits for him. And this isn't the whole truth; not by a long shot.

Look With Century Eyes - 2k, NR - Bucky's bedroom eyes are filled with murder. He knows about The Hug. It's New Year's Eve, and Phil Coulson might not survive the night.

Hindsight is 20/20 - 2k, E, PWP - Steve walks in on Bucky jerking off. It happens again. And again. Then he realizes Bucky's probably doing it on purpose.

Lets Be Exposed and Unprotected - 5k, E - Bucky's pretty sure he should be into getting fucked through the floor while walls explode around him like in that Mr and Mrs Smith movie that Clint loves. But he likes it like this. He likes being on his back with Steve looming above him, big and naked, blocking out the rest of the world.

Conference Room - 3k, M - Meetings can get boring sometimes.

My Lips To Yours Wake My Soul - 1k, T - Steve kisses Bucky's memories back.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - 4k, E - Bucky turned it over and over in his head that Steve had never been with a girl. It had honestly just never occurred to him, because it was Steve and Bucky thought Steve was just about the greatest guy in town. Everyone else should have thought that too.

Permission - 2k, T - After Bucky's captured by SHIELD, they put him in a holding cell, and strip him of everything but his clothes. He's dirty, damaged, and Steve can't just watch him like that, protocol or not.

Дорогой - 2k, T, UA -"Are you goddamn kidding me?" Fury asks when Steve shows up to the rendezvous point in Fredericksberg with the Winter Soldier.

Just A Lucky So - And - So - 2k, M - The one where Captain America and the Winter Soldier play tag on the Helicarrier, to the horror of respectable SHIELD agents.

Mistakes on the Part of Nature - 1k, T -  Steve takes in Bucky's betrayed look and Sam's confusion, follows Sam's gaze to the pile of mangled fruit in the trash can. Sudden comprehension fills his face. "Oh," he says. "Bucky found out about bananas." In which an American icon is mourned. But probably not the one you're thinking of.

Smile For Me - 800, G -"Smile for me, kid," Bucky says. And Steve does. Every time he says it.

Do It, Rogers - 4k, E - "Swear to God Bucky, when you're being such a babe I oughta be like your daddy and put you over my knee." Steve complained."Why don't you then?" Bucky called out, hands raised in the air. (Or the one where Steve discovers Bucky's kinks and is totally surprised by them)

IX: And In Whose Arms You're Gonna Be - 1k, T - Prompt: Steve and Bucky slow dancing? (loose sequel: when all our living is done. Requisite wedding-fic)

Critical Feline Mass - 27k, M, AU, WIP -  Adjusting to civilian life is hard for any military veteran — especially for one ex-sniper with a cybernetic arm, a classic Harley, and friends who keep trying to ‘help.’ When Sam Wilson at the VA sends Sergeant Barnes to rent a room from the hottest guy in the DC area, Bucky thinks maybe civilian life is worth it after all. And then he finds out Captain Rogers is everything Bucky's not: a real hero, a Medal of Honor recipient, and an all-around nice guy. Bucky doesn't have a chance in hell with him.

Here Is The Root Of The Root And The Bud Of The Bud - 1k, M - Steve is pretty sure he hasn't been out of Bucky's sight for longer than ten minutes in days; it’s getting ridiculous.

Old Rhythm (Or Five Times Bucky Broke Down Walls) - 1k, T - Of course they had presumptions and ideas about him. But Bucky makes it his mission to break them all down.

Not Everything - 2k, E- Hydra has taken more of Bucky than he knows. When he goes on his knees in front of Steve during their first sexual encounter since the 40's— not because he wants to, but because it's what he's been trained to do and he can't remember sex as being anything but humiliating and painful— Steve is horrified. He shows Bucky what sexshould be like, and Bucky learns that maybe Hydra hasn't taken everything.

All Over Again - 2k, T - Steve wakes up in 1944, where everyone is still alive. Where Bucky is still alive.It’s not as simple as it seems.

I Was Found And Now I Don't Roam These Streets - 15k, M - They've decided to start producing Bucky Bears again, now that he's all shiny and redeemed and fighting for good on this big Avengers misfits team. "He has a little shiny gray arm," Bucky says, wiggling the stuffed arm in question, one of the tweaks made in the new model. It takes Steve a second to realize that Bucky's got a small smile on his face, actually looks a little bit proud around the eyes.Or, Bucky relearns himself and how to be on a team, the rest of the Avengers try to get answers, and everyone watches too much Criminal Minds.

Lonely Houses Off The Road - 17k, T - Barnes is now glaring at him for some reason. It’s somewhat terrifying but also, oddly, a little reassuring— because that's emotion right there, which means there's still somebody behind those eyes. Somebody who seems to think Sam is being a bit slow on the uptake. "Time parameters exceeded. Mission failed.""Wait." Sam narrows his eyes. "Is this some kind of… report? Debriefing?""Mission report," confirms Barnes, looking pleased. Well, looking slightly less murderous than before.In which various people deal with things they never signed up for, but at the end of the day no one's particularly surprised.

Have You Ever Just Maybe - 4k, T -"JARVIS," Tony called thoughtfully."Yes, sir?""Those young people are in love," he said.

Pure As The Driven Slush - 10k, E - He should have worked it out sooner. But then, Steve always was a sneaky little bastard—had to have been, just to survive this long.

A Captain, A Killing Machine, And The Homosexual Agenda -  2k ,T -  "So," Bucky says, "the HRC wants us to get married."

You Would Never Call Me Baby (If You Knew Me Truly) - 2k, M -  When a fella asked him what he did, he replied that he was a boxer. "You win a lotta fights?" "Yeah," Bucky spat. "All of 'em."

Earn It - 800, E, PWP - Steve keeps Bucky on the edge for hours, because that's what Bucky asked him to do.

Reinforcement - 4k, E - Steve is a good guy, and Bucky's crazy about him, but he’ll be the first to tell you, the little punk ain't always the easiest person to live with. That mouth? The one that gets him in fist-fights? It ain't like it turns off just because he likes you. No, Steve’s bad-tempered sass is just as much a part of Steve as his sense of justice, and sometimes it hits the wrong target. Bucky's tough, sure. He can shake off a certain amount of derision. Sometimes, though, the timing ain't so hot. Maybe it's because Steve's never had a steady gal; he doesn't seem to realize it ain't a good idea to be so damn disdainful when somebody's trying to be soft on you. A fella's got his pride, you know?

New Definitions - 16k, T - Steve chuckled. "Handsome and charming," he said. "Very popular with the dames." He brought his hand to the crown of Bucky's head, ran his fingers through his hair. It was still long and Bucky had never shown any interest to cut it down to his original style; Steve assumed it was here to stay just like the metal arm. He had Bucky back but the Winter Soldier was a part of the package. "Do you remember?" Bucky shrugged. He rolled his face into Steve's touch. "Some things. There're still blank spaces. I know enough to tell when the book's lying."

Getting The Old Band Back Together - 1k, E -"No. I," Banner ducks his head. "I walked in on Steve and James in my lab-""Oh god," says Stark. "They've had lab sex. They're not even scientists and they've had lab sex."

A Better Love Deserving Of - 2k, E - Steve's kisses are gentle, sweet. They taste like forgiveness, maybe. Love maybe. Bucky pulls away before he can let himself enjoy it too much, but the soft feel of Steve's lips send tingles of pleasure up his spine.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate - 2k, G -  "It'll be worth the money, he mentally repeats to himself as he walks home with two peppermint canes and two bars of chocolate tucked into his coat, arranged carefully so that they don't melt or break on the walk back."(Or, the one where Steve spends his emergency money on hot chocolate and candy canes, because it's an emergency.)

Distinguish Need From Desire - 2k, E -  "Steve," Bucky wonders if his voice sounds as confident as he doesn't feel, "what are best friends for if they can't jerk each other off once in a while?"

The Clothes Make The Man - 1k, E - Steve is wearing Bucky's shirt.

I've been in your body and it was a carnival ride - "When Steve Rogers finds him in a Prisoner of War Camp, strapped to a table, delirious and raving, it's not really raving at all, because Bucky Barnes is a man who learns his lessons and learns them well, and if Steve Rogers never realises, the way he never realises so many things, well, Bucky certainly isn't going to be the one to tell him."

you've been acting awful tough lately - "Bucky's mouth is hot and tastes of smoke and expensive whisky, and Steve kisses him back without thinking, because it's Bucky, and he's wanted to do this a hundred, a thousand times, could never let himself think about it because it never stopped hurting, wanting Bucky, the only person who has always seen Steve, no matter how big he was-"

Беда́ не прихо́дит одна́ (trouble never comes alone) - "The first thing he remembers is silence."

The Leadership Breakfast -4k - Steve likes Bucky more than pancakes.

To Have and to Hold - The little moments where one fell deeper in love with the other.

Counting Backwards - 2k- It's not exactly friends, but it's not exactly more than that either.

Baby baby baby come back -3k - You and me? We're not the war.

No way out but through -9k - Steve never sees it coming.

Till i wake your ghost -2k- There's a kill order on the Winter Soldier and Steve Rogers has been acting kind of strangely lately.

Resurgam - 3k - Steve’s not done any research into cellists in Portland. Tony says that wasn't very forward-thinking of him.

Steve clutches the brown paper parcel, that's thicker than it was when he wrapped it first. He says that it’s about the journey.
He says that he’s never once reached his destination.

Ricochet - 3k- He drives to Arlington cemetery where there is a memorial to Captain America and Bucky Barnes. They never tore it down, even when it emerged that Steve is alive. He wonders if they’ll demolish it now that it is a monument to a great fallacy.

But diamonds are only carbon - 960 - The blond man's smile slips between his ribs like a knife. He does not say wake up. Time is not fluid here, merely eternal, a serpent swallowing its own tail. // His left ring finger twitches. He does not remember, but he does not forget.

Your kiss is like a lost ghost -2k - Bucky opens his eyes and he is falling. There is a cube of blue just out of his reach and he feels strangely calm. He doesn't know where he is but he has a distinct feeling that this is who he is. Except something is missing. Someone. He looks away from the cube and up to see the plane far above him but lowering fast. Falling. The plane is falling just like him. // He has been falling for a long time. // He hits the water hard, skin still new and raw and ripped to shreds on ice and water. // His world goes black.

Something in the way he moves -2k- There's something about the way Bucky Barnes moves, no matter his age or the decade they currently happen to live in, something that captures Steve's attention better than anything else in the world.

This black and white photo never captured my skin -2k- The Winter Soldier wakes up and his eyes are dead, dead, dead.

Have You No Idea That You're In Deep? - 4k, E, PWP - Bucky wanted Steve to understand. The future could feel fucking awesome. At least when it was vibrating in your ass.

Left And Slow - 1k, E, PWP - He'll accept every part of Bucky, old and new.

Warm Living Rooms - 1k, M, PWP -  Steve wakes up and wants to start making dinner. Bucky has other plans.

My Hero - 1k, E, PWP - Steve is tiny and vulnerable. Bucky takes care of him and makes Steve feel safe and wanted. (Bucky saves Steve's ass from yet another beat down, takes him home and patches him up and fucks it all better.)

The Care and Feeding of Traumatized Ex-Assassins - 6k - Steve starts to notice someone’s been in his apartment while he’s not there.

Tabula Rasa -10k - Bucky Barnes screamed himself hoarse on that table and screamed falling off that train. He screamed when they programmed him and screamed and screamed until he isn't Bucky Barnes anymore, not really. He is still screaming, a trapped rat running around a labyrinthine machine, clawing at the doors and running into dead ends. He has been screaming for seventy years.

Too Old to Die Young Now -6k - The dreams drive him to the Smithsonian six days after he dives into the Potomac after Captain America.

Volgograd - 7k - He is nineteen. He is a hundred. The little boy he cherished has now become a big, strong man, who looks at him as though he is not part machine, and has brought him to his home for cake.

We're Mud on Their Boots - 4k - He doesn't feel anything but anger and fear and panic, all colliding inside his head. His hands are red and there are children screaming. Screaming for mercy but he had his orders and mercy is never in his orders. He has to follow his orders, everything would fall apart if he didn't. He knows that, they showed him that. But the orders are done and he is nothing but broken pieces of glass shattering and cutting at him.

Baby, You Shouldn't Be Alive - Steve Rogers was cursed to die and always come back. [OR Five Times Steve Rogers Died, And The One Time He Didn't Have To]

Warning Shot - In which several people get stabbed, a few more are shot, and the Winter Soldier reminds everyone exactly who Steve Rogers is. Or was that whose Steve Rogers is?

The Super soldier's Amnesiac Groom - Steve Rogers has always known that the super soldier serum was a gift, and he’s never been afraid to do what's right. When Uncle Sam asks him to unite the two sides of the Cold War by taking part in a symbolic union with a fabled Russian assassin, Captain America doesn't hesitate to do his duty. Little does he know how thoroughly his world is going to be turned upside down.

Five Times Bucky Missed Steve's Birthday - …and one time he didn't. 5+1 things. Fluff with feels.

At Ease - Steve frequently sends out care packages for the troops, and when he learns about the pen pal program, he's quick to fill out an application. He's assigned Sargent James Buchanan Barnes. Everything grows from then.

How can a loser ever win - The Soldier should not be standing here, in the middle of a crowded room with obstructed exits, risking discovery with every second he remains rooted to the spot — but. But. He’d had to know.

devil's gonna follow me (wherever I go) - The man who used to be Bucky Barnes lined up his shot. His finger twitched, only once, very precisely. Help me, the bullet sang. Ninety-eight floors below him, the bullet glanced off a vibranium shield with a musical ping. And Steve Rogers looked up.

The Smithsonian Guard - Bucky makes a friend.

like a map with no ocean - Steve Rogers finds what he has been missing all along. 

To You I Belong - The first time the Winter Soldier sees Captain America, he can't help but think 'mine', even though he has no idea why.

Fate - Bucky finds a drawing and it turns out to mean something more than he thought.

Just A Girl From Brooklyn - I don't typically read genderbend fics, preferring my ships toboth be in their canon gender or having themboth genderbent instead. That being said,this fic is amazing and brilliant and completely stomped on my both-should-be-genderbent preference. It such a brilliant read, I swear. It stays in movie canon and it doesn't follow it step by step with no details changed like some fics do, the author actually made it realistic and just. It was perfect and I wept, oh I wept. It made me cry and I went and read the sequel as soon as I finished this and it’s worth it. It’s brilliant. Completely,utterly amazing. I love it.

calling your name in the midnight hour - "I've been seeing you biweekly since you left SHIELD headquarters for an apartment of your own, and we have yet to mention the elephant in the room." Steve swallows, tastes something like ash or stone or sand, and even though he knows what Dr. Bennet is getting at he plays innocent, "which is?"Dr. Bennet gives him the Look – the one that means he sees through Steve's act and doesn't appreciate it – and holds out his hands. "James Barnes, Captain Rogers."

The Sole Unquiet Thing - You're a killer, a monster, a machine; a soldier, a weapon, a hit man and a whore. So why is it, when Captain America looks at you, you feel like you're redeemed?

someday, somebody from somewhere - on dates, the Avengers end up staging an intervention and a fake date turns out better than expected. Or, how Steve Rogers got his groove back.

Why Then Oh Why Can't I? (or, 5 Times Steve Rogers Felt Awkward Talking About Sex, and One Time He Stopped Talking Altogether) - "You really never did grow up all the way, did you, Steve? Of course it changes things. But hey." He lifts his glass, and Steve reluctantly lets go to join in the toast. "Who says change has to be bad?"

i'd tell you how it haunts me - When he finds him, they nearly kill each other.

I Know You - Takes place after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Steve comes home to find an unexpected guest in his apartment.

Five times Steve kissed Bucky - (+ once, finally, it was the other way around)

fitting stars through keyholes - There's a gun against his neck, the muzzle pressed into the skin beneath his jaw like a harsh kiss, and the first thought that runs through Steve's head is, "Oh, Christ, I'm going to die in my pajamas."

You are sure to find (If you walk long enough) - Bucky is healed through the power of kittens.

Fewer Spectators - Four days after rescuing the man from the bottom of the Potomac,the metal of his arm begins to rust. It takes another five until the electric currents that had allowed mobility begin to fail. It takes two more until the arm stops working entirely. He doesn't remove it.

Talk of Virtue, Talk of Sin - You're attracted to him in the worst possible way. It's nothing like your attraction to Bucky, but with this new not-Bucky you find yourself grasping at loose strings. You keep going after him, but he always gets to you first, it's a giant game of cat and mouse.

Lonesome Polecats - Bucky gave him a look over his shoulder that was as dark and heated as sin, and he could see how his eyes squinted with the smirk that undoubtedly accompanied it. Or, the one where Steve is a hiker who gets lost, Bucky lives alone in the mountains, and they’re both a bit thirsty.

Every Minute of Every Day - He just wants his friend back.

escape from new york - On Monday morning Thor parades bare-ass naked around the Tower;it all goes downhill from there. Or, the one where New York gets infected with alien sex pollen, Steve appears to be the only sane man, and the things that ensue include hilarity, fake zombies, pining and surprise make outs. And a bear trap.

breathe me in (forget to exhale) - It's two weeks later when Nick Fury meets Bucky in a run-down diner a little outside of DC and offers to buy him a hamburger. Bucky, hesitantly, agrees.

You got that medicine I need - Dub-con

#hashtag 'verse - Steve finds Bucky. Bucky finds Steve. Regaining normality is so much easier in a place where normal is defined by muffled explosions at 3am,stealing clothes from a master assassin, and cooking lessons from an ex-carnie archer.

I'm coming home (but I ain't coming home for you) - The Winter Soldier takes the shot and kills Captain America. Or at least, that’s how the story was meant to go.

And you that shall cross from shore to shore years hence,are more to me - The Captain woke quickly and tested the chain before he saw the Soldier. All the tension in his body evaporated once he met the Soldier's eyes and he slumped downward, back up against the wall.

Out in the Open - Five times Steve came out and the one time someone came out to him. Also includes the Avengers, shenanigans and kissing!

straight from the heart - Bucky is a chef, and this"American Foodie" is ruining his life.

This is so cute! It's adorable and sweet and fluffy. -self-righteously. "Yes."

Selfies from the Underground - I literally choked myself while laughing as I was drinking at the same time and ended up coughing for a good while, still laughing in between. This is adorable.

you got blood on your hands (and i know it's mine) - Bucky refuses to see Steve after his deprogramming.

The Spin I'm In - Five times Bucky kissed Steve because of ~reasons~, and one timeSteve finally believed he really meant it.

The More Things Change - As far as Bucky's concerned, neither Steve's transformation orthe events of the war have changed the friendship between them. However, when amission doesn't quite go to plan, he finds himself making a foolish decisionthat might change things forever. (NB: contains cartoonish violence, some useof period-appropriate offensive language.)

soar, wheel, gulp, and dive - Steve and Bucky have had two first kisses.

The Same, but More - "I know you're still you, Rogers," Bucky said."You're just…" he trailed off, studying Steve closely. "Just what?" Steve asked, flushing. It was Bucky's turn to shrug. "Just more, I guess."

Juste Un Peu Plus Près - Steve hates himself. Bucky wishes he could help with that

Let's do some living after we die - In which Steve decides to jump before he falls.

The curves of your lips rewrite history - Five times Steve was distracted by Bucky's mouth.

If it's not love, this it's the bomb - Bucky gets injured. Steve fusses over him.

Thought You Were Smaller - Bucky has some reservations about Steve's new body.

put your lips close to mine (as long as they don't touch) - In which Steve's never kissed anyone and Bucky Barnes doesn't know how to drop it.

Forget The Children We Once Were - Bucky's afternoon jogs in Manhattan trigger memories. Post-Winter Soldier and Pre-First Avenger memories intertwine.

Nothing But the Rain - We have to get out of these wet clothes. (5 times)

Chicken Soup With Rice - When Bucky gets sick, it's Steve's turn to fuss over him.

Find a map and draw a straight line - Bucky knows him better than anyone, but Steve's pretty sure hedoesn't know about this.

Sleep All Summer - Steve feels like he's going to freeze any moment.

A Place Called Home - New Years Eve. Suits. Party at Stark's place. Honesty happens.

don't have to know the words - Bucky's injured, stranded, and bored, so the only logical thingto do is to mess with Steve. He doesn’t really anticipate Steve messing with him in return.

It Takes Two To Tango But No One is Leading - Bucky's point of view. Turns out him and Steve have a lot morein common than they thought.

If You're Loved By Someone - You're fifteen when you realize why you stare at Bucky's lipsmore than normal when he laughs and when he says your name. You lean into hisshoulder when you walk next to him and when you're sick you don't fight off hissoft hands. You tease him, he teases back and being around him is so easy youforget what it was like to live without him. You can't remember life pre-Buckyand it scares you.

Only Good Things - All of their neighbors think that Steve and Bucky are dating.

5 Times Bucky and Steve were Unnaturally Comfortable Around Each Other, and the 1 Time TheyWeren't - OR: Five times Steve and Bucky should have been uncomfortable but weren't, so Tony and Clint devise a plan to prove that they're sleeping together (even though they aren't, they're just really really oblivious).

Run Until the Road Runs Outrun until the road runs out [this FIC oh my god guys ok sam/bucky friendship to the extreme and it IS MY FAVORITE]

Our Broken Parts (Smashed on the Floor)


no heart to recall



World of Our Making

Wooden HorseFor Two (There are Worse Things in This World)

Of Vibranium Shields, Lost Loves, and Building Futures Together

Our Numbered Days

Love Me 'Til My Heart Stops

we learned to watch each other die

in from the cold

Not With Haste

Warmth in an Ice Storm

All the Things Forgotten Scream for Help

let those demons be ours


hold me tight

I'll Be Your Personal Soldier

Shadow Dance

Lost Through the Night

in each place and forever

chasing things that we should run from

Our history is just in our blood (history, like love, is never enough)

Under Ice

but the fires are coming

Crawling in the Colosseum Dust

Born At the Right Time

We've Been Here Before

Will never let it go

i revive, see it when i come alive


Bucky and Bear

Drawn From Life

What’s in a name

On Falling, and Treading Water

timestamp series

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