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tumblr上Stucky小说推荐的整理,有文名链接和大概剧情/评论,部分包含字数和分级。ENJOY( ◜◡‾)っ


Penny Candy and Soda Pop - 4k, T, - They're eleven when they kiss the first time. As practice for the future. They tell themselves that because it's practice, it doesn't really count. Therefore Bucky's first kiss is Gretchen, and Steve's is Sharon.And through every kiss after, they pretend they're not thinking of each other.

Now I’m a Legend in a Locker Room (Legendary Baby!) - 900, M - Bucky shows Steve some appreciation under the shower.

Foiled Kisses -  3k, T, - All Bucky wants is a kiss.

Give Me Your Name and I’ll Give You My Heart - 1k, T - The time Bucky accidentally/ not so accidentally stalked a God-like barista from his favorite coffee shop whose name happened to be Steve.

If Your Bones Made It Home Alright - 5k, T - Making it back from the war is not the same as making it back alive, but it’s a start. The first day on the job, Bucky hits the ground every time an engine revs; his hands shake when he holds a wrench. But something about the grease and the smell of gasoline feels like home.

As We Drifted Towards the Storm - 3k, T, - Bucky straddles Steve's hips and he looks down at Steve’s back, trying to follow all the lines and images and figure out what they all mean. Steve's head rests on his arms and he’s smiling, letting Bucky explore. Without asking, Bucky knows that each line of ink Steve has, has some meaning to him. Except with whatever their relationship is, Bucky isn't sure he has a right to ask. A few nights together doesn't make them lovers, or dating or even friends.

Hotel Service - 5k, E -"The one where Bucky is one of the reception staff in an upmarket hotel and Steve's a wealthy businessman who stays there regularly. They're involved in a heavy flirtation but neither of them have quite gotten up the courage yet to take the next step."

I Spoke About Wings; You Just Flew - 2k, T -Bucky Barnes lives downstairs from Steve Rogers and embarks on the clumsiest seduction known to man.

Spilling Out in Constellations - 1k, T - Steve's been fascinated with the dark ever since Bucky can remember. An AU in which the serum prepares Steve for space exploration, rather than battle.

Pockets Full of Stones - 4k, M, - No one knows what to make of Bucky Barnes. He shows up on Steve's arm, accompanies him to events. They call them cute, adorable, the newest It couple for the gay community. Bucky is with Steve at his next big gallery opening, and is his plus one at a gala held by the New York Ballet. He's a little shy, a little awkward, but he makes up for it with a smile and easy flirting. They're seen at dinner together, and someone spots Bucky leaving Steve's apartment complex in the morning, looking properly disheveled. They seem perfect. So there must be a secret.

Those All American Summertime Blues - 4k, T - There's one person working. And he's wearing sunglasses. Even though there's plenty of shade in the shack. "Oh, boy." Steve says under his breath.

In Another Life - 2k, M - In which Steve & Bucky meet three times and the last time is for good. Utterly self-indulgent, hand-wavey fluff.

Space!military au - 11k, T-E -  Fics set in an alternate future universe with the queer-friendly space military. The Allies vs. Hydra. Steve is the poster boy for humanity, Bucky is a flying ace. It all unfolds as it has before, with pain and loss and a slow, difficult return.

Garden State - 11k, E - The thing is, Steve's the kind of guy who tells people to be quiet in movie theaters not because he can't hear the movie, but because somebody can't hear the movie; he's the kind of guy that sticks up for mothers in clothing stores not because they're his mother, but because they're somebody's mother. He's the kind of guy that— (It takes seven shots.)

If I Had A Heart I Could - 4k, NR - He needs to focus on getting out of the handcuffs. There are orders, he knows there must be because on the inside of his left arm is a rank and name and ID number. Soldiers get orders. He knows that like he knows the sky is blue though he can't remember being outside of this warehouse.

Off by a Thousand Miles - 3k, T, AU,- Bucky, a Brooklyn-based cop, has his head turned by Steve Rogers, who's just opened up a flower shop in his neighbourhood. It all goes horribly wrong when a string of murders leads to Steve being the prime suspect.

So How Come I Feel So Lonely When You're Up Getting Down - 2k, M, AU- Steve Rogers, architect, goes to a strip club under duress. He doesn't expect to see a familiar face on stage. (Tony Stark's resultant and incessant teasing is, however, entirely expected.)

Do You Remember When? - 11k, G, AU - Everything Bucky owns has been packed away in boxes, hidden away, tucked into a corner on the truck for them to take to the next house. Everything Steve’s known so well for years now. And it’s so strange to look around and see it all gone. They've known it's coming for weeks now, and Steve still can't believe it. Still can't quite wrap his head around the fact that his best friend, the one person who means more to him than anything, is leaving.

You Ain't Seen Nothing Like Me Yet - 1k, T, AU -  In which Steve Rogers, university lecturer and part-time eco-warrior, recovers from being shot. In which Bucky Barnes, NYPD homicide detective, comes to terms with domesticity. In which Captain America, Steve Rogers’ dog, supposes there’s room for Bucky too.

When The Sun Sets On Dark Silhouettes  - 8k, T, AU - Bucky is taken on a mission, and Steve will go against every order to find him. CIA AU. "When you get him back, what's the first thing you're gonna do?" Sam asks. Steve very consciously does not think about the state Bucky will be in when—not if, never if—he comes home. "I'm gonna touch him, so I know he's real."

Listen To Your Heart (But Don't Say Goodbye To Me) - 10k, E, AU - There is a Hades, and there is a Persephone. They're just not the ones you’d expect.

The Heart Is Hard To Find - 3k, T, AU - Steve is gorgeous, tall and blond and built like a football player. And he talks to Bucky like a real person, not some caricature to appease. The thought of him getting up makes Bucky panic slightly. "No! That’s not-" He blushes and kills time by drinking his coffee. "I'm not- I don't know-" "It's ok." Steve smiles and Bucky gets the feeling he understands despite Bucky's gibbering. "Do you want me to go?" "No, stay. Gotta start somewhere, right?"

If This Inst a Kingdom Then I Don't Know What Is  - 10k, E AU -  "Punk," Bucky bites back fondly, putting a warm hand on his arm conciliatorily. He leaves his hand there a little too long for a casual gesture, and Steve's breath seems to hitch in his throat. "Can't leave. God, Steve. You know I'm with you. 'Till the end of the line." And in that moment, on that day, Steve was amazed to discover that when Bucky said "I'm with you 'till the end of the line," every time he called him punk and knocked him on the shoulder… what he meant was, "I love you." And it nearly scared Steve out of his damn shirt.

Like a Plane Crash That Never Hits The Ground - 15k, E, AU - Bucky finds himself cock blocked by Steve Rogers. Which is unfortunate, since it's Steve's pants he’s trying to get into. (Or the meta one where they’re making a movie about the Winter Soldier and Steve's the Ice King.)

Make One Dream Come True - 14k, T, AU-ish? -  Five times the Winter Soldier evaded capture. In which there are tuxedoes, vodka martinis (shaken, not stirred), fakeout makeouts, massive property damage, a shark pit, and Steve has an Ursula Andress moment. But mostly, in true James Bond fashion, villains are seduced to the side of good.

In Poison Places, We Are Anti-Venom - 1k, M, AU - "From what I gather, it pretty much works like ordering a pizza," Sharon says, completely straight-faced. Bucky is honestly not sure which one of them feels more like knocking themselves unconscious to escape this conversation.

Monday - 1k, E, PWP, AU - "I bet I could get you off before next lesson." He murmurs and Steve has to take a breath before speaking again. "Prove it."

The Sirens And The Thunder - 15k, T, AU - "Hide that," he says, forcing the words out past every instinct. "As well as you can, all right? Before morning." Steve stares at him blankly, like he needs a moment to work this out, then swallows once, sharply. "What's your name?" he asks at last—asks as he stands there with the pelt in his hands. And oh, he thinks suddenly, what is his name? He can’t speak it, not with this mouth, he can’t sing it into the air like he can in the ocean. He just shakes his head; like his nakedness, it's something he can't explain. Steve nods, just nods, his eye swelling shut and blood drying on his shirt collar, and says "we'll figure it out."  (An AU where Bucky is a young selkie who is accidentally called to Steve and ends up staying around to help this poor, wretched kid not die.)

Coffee, Humanities, And The Russian Army - 9k, M, AU - History professor Bucky has a crush on the new Ethics professor, and the two of them start seeking every opportunity to flirt and tease each other, but neither is sure if the other wants something serious. Natasha and Clint take it upon themselves to 'help'. 60% Sass, 30% Fluff, and 10% Hot Grinding.

The President's Son - 38k, E, AU - Agent Steve Rogers is assigned to protect President Barnes' son, Bucky - a troubled war veteran with a penchant for causing havoc. Bucky is a war hero but keeps veering to the path of self destruction, and Steve is sure as hell doesn't want to get fired over this shit. His job is to protect Bucky, even from himself.

Sorry Kid, Better Watch Your Step - 2k G, AU - On your 18th birthday, you receive a tattoo of the first words your soul mate will ever say to you. Mostly, it turns out to be a blessing, but sometimes not so much, especially when soul mates don't always match up. Steve knew what his would say before it even showed up.

A Song You Might Hear At A Wedding - 9k, E, AU - Steve Rogers is the good-looking lead singer of a struggling band, while James Barnes is half of a dynamic duo, on the verge of the big-time. When Stark Industries is reduced to playing at a wedding in order to raise funds and profile, Steve tells himself that this is the very last time he's going to sleep with Bucky. (Or, the one in which Tony rants, Bruce mediates and Clint has fantastic eye-sex with the best man.)

Where The Circle Ends - 30k, M, AU - In which the world has gone to hell in a zombie apocalypse handbasket and, in the middle of it all, Steve finds the one person he never thought he'd see again. Angst and feelings (amongst other things) ensue.

Epicentre -8k - Where the Circle Ends zombie!verse timestamp: Six months later, Bucky gets his directive from S.H.I.E.L.D. to go in for interrogation to ensure the Red Room hasn't left any surprises in his brain. Things don't go so well.

Magnetic - 2k, M, AU - The one where American-born, Russian based swimmer Bucky Barnes is Steve Roger's number one rival for Olympic gold. In which Steve and Bucky are good friends despite the media's attempt at rivalry beat up and Steve has a lot of feelings.

And If The World Comes To An End ( I'll Be There To Hold Your Hand) - 4k, T, AU - Steve slowly opens his eyes only to come face to face with a frying pan. He shoots up, trying to sit upright and failing miserably and only becoming more tangled in the blankets. He looks up to find the man holding up the frying pan defensively, with a bemused expression on his face.also known as the au in which steve accidentally drunkenly climbs into Bucky's apartment instead of his own

You Were Standing There - 14k, M, AU - Bucky accidentally breaks into the wrong house while drunk. The wrong house happens to belong to Steve Rogers.  Just READ THIS PART "You gotta know how much I want you, right?""When you showed up on my couch that morning," Steve says, and Bucky can feel his breath, almost touch his lips, "it took about five minutes for me to realize I was a goner.""Got ya beat," says Bucky."Do you now?""Second I opened my eyes, I knew,"

Put Walk Among Us On And Turn It Up -  23k, M, AU - When Bucky was sixteen and drunk for the first time (on schnapps, dear god, not that he ever admits that part) he let his friend's greaseball older brother talk him into a homemade stab-n-stick that is just… awful. He walks into the shop from the business card late at night, and a little guy in a too-big hoodie and skinny jeans looks up from the counter The Chubby!Punk!Bucky meets Tiny!TattooArtist!Steve  AU .

Musica viva - 1k, G, AU - No es que Peggy Carter le caiga mal.

Lines - 33k, E, AU - Modern day au where Steve Rogers is un-serum’d and is looking for work. When Tony and Bruce save his ass from certain-broken-nose, Steve finds himself coaxed into a world of tattoos, science, and a guy named Bucky Barnes.

Feels strange and untrue 430 - Bucky is the one who wakes up first.

Lab Rats and Tin Soldiers - Doktor Karl Scmidt(Sesbastian Shaw) worked closely with other Nazi scientists such as Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull. It is in his care that the Doktor leaves Erik for further "experiments" and "training" when he cannot continue the work personally. Being in the grip of the Nazi's nightmare subdivision, HYDRA puts Erik in place to be found by a recently made Captain America on his first rescue mission. Now instead of being trapped by his tormentors, Erik finds himself cared for by a different sort of human in the forms of Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, and Steve Rogers as he discovers his powers and himself.

Rebirth ∞ - 2k- and when you finally touch the light they send you back into the night.When Bucky dies he thinks everything will be over, that he can finally rest in peace. But there are so many more lives to live... until he gets mad.

Time Watches From the Shadow -9k- With Bucky missing for god-knows-how-long, and rumors of human weapon experiments off-world, Steve is going to need some help rescuing his best friend. Luckily, Malcolm Reynolds has a reputation to uphold.

Five Times Steve and Bucky Protected Each Other During the War -2k - For a prompt at comment-fic on livejournal: "Steve/Bucky, if Steve had been deployed at the same time as Bucky and never injected with the serum." Includes: their first time together, their experiences in the same army unit, etc. References to sad canon events, bullying.

You'll Find Me - Steve and Bucky being reincarnated and losing each other over, and over again.

It's Going To Get Worse As We Get Deeper - A movie fusion between the Avengers and Inception - with occasional bouts of other things as they show up mostly against my will.

Through miles of clouded hell -6k- The Winter Soldier died before he was recovered by SHIELD. In a world populated by gods and goddesses, Steve Rogers ventures into the Underworld to bring back his long-lost friend.

The Ties That Bind - 26k- In the eyes of God, Steve Rogers was dead. He was still breathing, still walking around, but he was dead. // This fic is my attempt at a functioning A/B/O universe, since most stories with this premise leave me wondering how the society could have developed to modernity with all the issues raised by heats/bonding/male pregnancy. Steve Rogers is learning to cope without his bond-mate in the 21st century, and deal with the new threats the century throws at him.

and cursed be the one who comes between them - 21k- "...one flesh, one heart, one soul, now and forever, and cursed be the one who comes between them."

counting backwards while the stars are falling - 10k- But tonight’s different, Bucky knows it before he's even completely asleep, because in that half-aware space somewhere between dreaming and consciousness he feels his skin prickling, his chest clenching like he’s lost something and he doesn't know what it is, never even had it, and as oblivion overtakes him, all Bucky sees is the same face he’s seen in his dreams for years.

i heard love is blind -1k - Steve keeps bringing home guys that look like Bucky; Bucky keeps bringing home guys that look like Steve. Sam just wants to drink his coffee in peace. (Guest appearances by nearly every character Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans have ever played. Really.)

We Were Told To Burn the World (Falling In Love Was Never an Option) -3k- They had orders, they had to follow them. They weren't supposed to feel anything for their targets. Feelings got in the way. Feelings were distractions. Complications. // It wasn't every day that the Military Police had cause to step onto the grounds of one of the most secure Army bases in the US. But then again it also wasn't every day a young lieutenant was murdered in broad daylight in front of his house on said army base.

The mast was charred but still so strong -4k- Steve keeps a chessboard in his room to remind himself that this war they're caught up in, he's not going to win it with blood and tears. He's going to win by playing the right moves at the right time. // He stands alone in his room now. It's part of the old underground but was converted to a bunker years ago, expanded now into a series of networks and tunnels running in a web under the city. Steve chose a room close to the central hub, he wanted to be close for emergencies, for when the enemy gets close in the middle of the night.

Step By Step - 10k - Bucky is thirteen when the first kaiju attacks. This is what happens next.

The blood in your mouth -4k- tumblr user spuzz wanted "a fic where bucky gets turned into a vampire and stalks steve and tries to seduce him into becoming a vampire with bucky. because bucky wants him around forever with him. and he gets increasingly desperate and dangerous. and steve can't kill him but he can't give in either." So it happened.

At the other end (of the line) -3k- Bucky should have known better than to call the number Clint gave him.

Tomorrow Is Where We End -2k- Bucky realizes that Steve is one of the nervous guys, probably has never called a professional before. He likes the sound of "professional"; it makes him appear more than he is and that's always good in the jobs he is doing. //Hooker AU, Stucky, enjoy.

Scars from tomorrow I wish you could see -1k - Jaeger American Shield has four confirmed kaiju kills. She's ready for a fifth.

Deep as a secret nobody knows -4k - To be fair, Steve is moderately drunk the first time. Not smashed, but drunk enough to make Tony and Clint's ideas sound brilliant and hilarious. Or: "the story where Steve gets dared to call a phone sex line and of course Bucky is on the other end. and then feelings happen."

and honey,tramps like us, [AU] um yes its not finished yet but you should read it for the stucky and also for the tony and the nat and theavengers being a family :D

in my fortress alone until you came - Soulmate!AU. Steve murmurs Bucky's name. He wants to list off every time Bucky woke up feeling like he couldn't breathe because of Steve, but he knows Bucky wouldn't listen. The metal arm is between them and Steve doesn't touchmore than necessary. He knows Bucky doesn't like it being touched. Doesn't like Steve touching it; he's seen Bucky and Natasha grapple enough to know that Bucky doesn't mind when others touch it. It's just Steve.

if this isn't a kingdom then i don't know what is - Princess Bride AU. If that isnt indication enough at how perfect this is, I dont know what is.

this is not a drive by - "God, he can't stop smiling, and it must be infectious because a slow grin is stretching across Steve's face, and now he's the one looking at Bucky from up under his eyelashes and asking, "How have we not met before?" And, really, that's the question isn't it." Otherwise known as: The Bucky Barnes Hot Dad AU or The One Where Steve Crashes All Of Bucky's Dates Without Really Trying

Captain Hot Perfect Teacher - Steve is a fifth grade teacher. Bucky is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, whose son is in Steve's class. They meet at a parent-teacher conference.There's blood involved.

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