The Stucky Rec List #03 WWII


tumblr上Stucky小说推荐的整理,有文名链接和大概剧情/评论,部分包含字数和分级。ENJOY( ◜◡‾)っ


At Any Given Moment - 1k, T - Steve and Bucky find out that everyone thinks they're sleeping together.

In the Devil's Territory - Get too close to the fire, and you're gonna go up in flames.

Clean With Dirty Hands - 2k, E, PWP -"Jesus," Bucky says, running his fingers over Steve's arms, so wide now they make Bucky's hands look small. He reaches Steve's shoulders and opens his mouth against Steve's throat. "I can't fuckin' get over this, pal."

The Soft Darkness -1.5k- He's not going to tell Steve that of everything that got lost between docking in England and where they were, he never lost the packet of letters Steve wrote. He understands, now, the oddity to them that he could never place. The reason it seemed like Steve was talking around his life rather than about it is because he was. Bucky wants to ask about the chunks he neglected to mention, but won't. Can't. Has no reason, to, because there are things Bucky omitted in his letters back.

Wisps On The Air - "There's something about the way Bucky's cigarette dangles between his lips; Steve gets caught staring."

you swallow my heart and flee 500- Captain America loves Peggy, this much is true. Steve can relate to Peggy, but both of them know the truth. This is the deepest secret that nobody knows, this is the deepest secret that nobody can know.

Gravitation - 18k- "He couldn't remember when he first started feeling the pull. Perhaps it was too long ago, or perhaps it had been gradual, something that crept up on him. But by the time he was sixteen, Bucky knew that the axis of his world spun around Steve Rogers in the worst possible way."
1943 in film - 909- Bucky hated Captain America.

Here Comes the Bride [wwii, postserum] where bella got her bucky tag, just read it

Friday Night is Date Night [wwii, preserum] a very important preserum headcanon for me

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